• * Flavoured Throughout* Helps Remove Plaque and Reduce Tartar* Strong and Durable* Maintains Healthy Gums and Teeth
    The DOG & Co Chews are designed for dogs with a strong bite, whilst the tough durable nylon is able to resist the teeth of a strong chewing dog. All the chews are flavoured for extra attraction to your pet; chewing on them can help to improveand maintain a dog's dental hygiene by removing plaque and reducing tartar build up. The ribs on the ring help to create a more textured surface to further aid the dental benefitswhilst also offering a place for the spreading of soft treats.
    Available in 3 gum smackingly tasty flavours, Chicken, Cheese and for dessert Chocolate!Not Suitable For Puppies with Milk Teeth
     Made in the U.K.
    Size 4" / 10cm

    Indestructabone flavoured ring